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🚀 Welcome to the Snowball Time Capsule: Where Printing Meets the Space-Time Continuum! 🕰️

Hold on tight as we navigate the mysterious dimensions of turnaround times. The estimated journey duration is boldly displayed on each invoice page, offering you a glimpse into the enigmatic realm of printing magic.

The Quantum Turnaround Theory:
Choose your product, select your options, and witness the estimated turnaround time unveil itself in business days. Remember, we don’t count Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays – even our printing wizards need a day off!

📆 When Time Takes Flight:
Turnaround time initiates its countdown only after your order gets the green light. “Approved” means all files are in harmony, and the payment dance is complete. Cut-off time at the Snowball Time Portal is precisely 11:00 am every business day. Orders that arrive in the afternoon embark on their production voyage the next morning. Cue the countdown!

🌌 Warp Speeds and Print Gremlins:
Please note, that our turnaround times are cosmic estimates, grounded in our printing wisdom. However, we’re at the mercy of the printing cosmos. Factors like cosmic weather, gremlins, and interdimensional artwork mishaps can disrupt our space-time continuum. We’re working on a “No Gremlin Zone” sign, but until then, bear with us!

In the ever-expanding universe of printing, Snowball Media & Advertising endeavours to make your journey swift and delightful. So, fasten your seatbelts, keep an eye on the turnaround clock, and get ready for a ride through the printing cosmos. We promise it’s a trip worth taking! 🚀🌠 #PrintsInAnotherDimension #TimeTravelPrinting #SnowballChronicles

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