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Can Luxury Printing Increase Your Marketing Efforts?

Can Luxury Printing Increase Your Marketing Efforts?

When it comes to catapulting and effectively marketing your business, it’s necessary to integrate all the necessary tools into your business strategy. It’s clear that recent technological advancements and the growth of the internet have created a shift in such strategies. Yet, business cards, brochures and postcards still play a role in our current world.

Why so? As compared to the digital methods of marketing and reaching out to a target audience, business cards and postcards hold a different and invaluable. They are more personal and very effective tool when it comes to direct marketing.

Additionally, it’s a great tool for word-of-mouth marketing. Word of mouth, even with the advent of internet marketing, is a great way to market your business. Recent research confirms that 80% of people are likely to believe recommendations from friends and family. To complement this, business cards and postcards can act as a point of reference for your business.

Such traditional marketing tools help create the first impression for your business as well. Hence, whenever you’re designing and printing your business cards or brochures, you want to ensure that they are of good quality. Enter luxury printing.

What Is Luxury Printing?

If you are looking to create a first good impression of your business, then it is imperative that you consider luxury printing. So, what exactly is luxury printing?

Luxury printing, also known as Bespoke printing, uses different materials that are of higher quality. The material is basically thicker and harder than its predecessors, exuding a luxurious appeal. The design as well is simply impeccable, helping your traditional marketing tools stand out. This way, you can create a good first impression, and capture the attention of a relevant audience.

With such printing, you can seamlessly reproduce your creative ideas on high-quality paper. In other words, there are no limitations to this kind of printing. This is regardless of the size, shape and colours that you want to be incorporated in your brochures, postcards and business cards.

It is important to note that there are different types of luxury printing. Each type has a different result and look. Let us take a look at each of them in detail.

Constellation Snow

This type of luxury printing produces a paper or card that is white and uncoated. For extra effect, it is impressed with linen, giving a textured effect and feel. Many businesses are known to utilize this type of printing for their marketing efforts. You can use this to produce just about anything, be it a brochure, postcard or business card.


Silk papers utilize the use of silk fibres itself to produce a high-quality paper. The result is a highly appealing lustrous paper that is smooth to the touch. Due to its glossy appearance, the colours used in the paper tend to pop

If you choose to use this type of printing, you might want to consider using LED UV. LED UV uses UV curing to reduce the chances of the ink bleeding through your paper. This type of paper is great for printing luxury brochures.


The uncoated paper usually is not coated or have an added layer to it. Hence, its texture is not as smooth as the others. However, this increases its versatility in terms of design and usage. You can use a number of different colours and visual effects with no consequence to the design at all.


Lux is a type of luxury printing that is great for marketing more classic products and services. The paper is usually very thick that often come uncoated. However, LED UV helps bring out the best of the design printed on the lux material. This material is great for brochures and even business cards.

In conclusion, luxury printing helps you make a good impression with your customers. Direct marketing cannot amount to anything unless you create a lasting impression. People can tell a lot about your business from your traditional marketing tools. Hence, ensure that your brochure or business cards communicated luxury, in order to capture your audience’s attention.

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