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Why You Should Invest In Quality Business Cards!

Business cards can be a very powerful tool in the business world.  The quality of your business card speaks even louder. Your business card is a reflection of you and your business. It represents your brand. An easy-to-read and well-designed card printed on a quality card stock can leave a positive first impression or at the very least, save you from a poor one.

Your biggest challenge, therefore, is ensuring your business card stands out from the sea of business cards in the marketplace. For instance, when you are at a trade show or conference, will your card impress the people who matter, or will it get lost in the sea of business cards that will be exchanged that day? How do you ensure that your business card makes a lasting impression? Well, three words – luxury business cards.

What Are Luxury Business Cards?

Luxury business cards are obviously of better quality than standard business cards. The paper used is thicker and of higher quality – and obviously, it undergoes luxury printing hence the word ‘luxury’. Quality business cards are ultra-thick, and will always leave an impression when handed out to a client or customer. They not only make a great first impression, but they also leave a lasting impression.  Luxury business cards will definitely stand out from the countless other business cards that will be sitting in someone’s office.

High End, Not Expensive

Try not to confuse expensive with quality. You do not need to spend a lot or go over the top to over-compensate in your quest for creating an impression. Sometimes trying too hard or going too far is more detrimental than beneficial.

Simple And Concise

If you do not have a design, then hire a professional graphic designer. You don’t have to include every service you offer on the card. Your name, title, business logo and contact information are sufficient.

Luxury Printing

Luxury business cards are printed using a special type of printer that gives them their distinctive, rich colour and makes them stand out against your average business card. They are definitely more expensive, but as with anything ‘luxury’, the additional spending can be instantly noticed and in most cases rewarded. Consider one additional print element – spot gloss, stamped foil, painted edges, etc. to help your business card stand out. But, remember, don’t overdo it!

Why Luxury Business Cards?

You Mean Business The thicker your business card, the louder it screams luxury business cards! A standard business card would be around 300gsm whereas luxury business cards range from a thickness of 540gsm to a whooping 1190gsm! That is 4 times thicker than a normal business card. When your client or business contact sees that no expense has been spared on your business card, it simply tells him that you really mean business. This first impression could be the difference between winning a pitch and getting the deal or not.

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